Flipping out their world

We have a strong sense of giving back to the community, whether that be donating to charities close to our hearts, providing Flip Out sessions for those less fortunate or with special needs, or participating in charity events.

Flip Out is currently in the process of setting up renewable energy through capturing the energy generated by jumping on our trampolines. By doing so we aim to produce enough power to light the entire village. A ‘push pull’ system will be put in place using the jumping motion on the trampoline to drag water from an underground bore up into a water tank so the surrounding houses can have water pressure. When this has been completed, we will look to employ members of the local community within the villages to make products to be sold within our stores such as Olympic mats.

We are in a very fortunate position where we can innovate and use our infrastructure to make others’ lives better. The team is dedicated to bringing joy to others, so a huge thank you to the Flip Out crew for making this happen!