In December, Flip Out welcomed it’s 80th store to the Flip Out family with Rochdale, UK joining the clan. The brand has more than doubled its presence in the UK in 2017 where it currently has 17 stores. Ten of these have opened this year, and there are three more to come before in early 2018 in  Basingstoke and Manchester as well as New Zealand and Mexico hot on their heels. This rapid growth is set to gain even more pace in the new year, with a target of 40 new stores in the UK by the end of 2018, the search for Flip Out Franchisees is on.

Flip Out is the brainchild of Brent Grundy, CEO and Founder who started the company with $300AUD (about £170) in his bank account. His grit and determination have seen Flip Out fly.

Jon Inwards, director of Flip Out UK, commented, “When I met Brent I couldn’t believe that a business in Australia could grow so fast. I decided to come to the UK with the rights to open up stores. I started with very little, drove a beat-up car all around the country, sleeping in hotel rooms 5 days a week, and 2 years later I own a master franchise with a network turnover of near £50M a year.”

Flip Out is now looking for more hungry people to change their lives just like Jon. European expansion is not limited to the UK either. Germany has just opened its first site in Rostock, with Spain and Turkey due to open imminently. Flip Out are actively in the market for new sites throughout Europe.

Grundy said “The UK has proven to be a great opportunity for Flip Out, both for us as a parent business and for our like-minded franchisees. We have tried and tested a range of new ideas and product innovations here which have been hugely successful, from our first-generation parks with just trampolines to our current fourth generation stores with drop slides, obstacle courses, climbing walls and more. The stores are becoming entertainment facilities as opposed to standard trampoline parks.”

Grundy added “It is easy to look at how far we have come and relax, but that isn’t going to drive the business forward, so we are always pushing the boundaries as far as possible to constantly enhance the customer experience. We don’t forget where we came from, not for a second. We know we have to keep growing, changing and adapting. Our newest developments are going to significantly impact the industry and continue to raise the bar.”

Ian Cooper, Managing Director for Flip Out International commented, “We currently have a new store opening every three weeks. Due to our rapid expansion, we are looking for people and places ready to flip into trampolining with us. If you have large commercial space we’d love to hear from you as we are looking for landlords and developers of major retail and leisure schemes. We have opportunities for franchisees and master franchisees across Europe, and in fact, across the whole world, and are keen to talk to people looking to change their life, make money and take on a new and exciting challenge.”

With loads of charity work taking place all over the world in the form of Christmas jumper days, snowball fights and gifts in exchange for a free jump, the festive spirit is taking us into next year on a high, and Flip Out plans to spread its wings even further in 2018. Watch this space.