Flip Out offers free sessions to battle obesity

Over 25% of Scottish children are obese. With a recent obsession with unhealthy foods such as deep-fried mars bars, combined with a lack of physical exercise, the country is facing an obesity crisis. Flip Out Glasgow is confronting the problem head on, offering thousands of children free trampolining sessions in the hope of sparking an interest in the high energy activity.

86 primary and secondary schools across the capital and surrounding areas were offered up to 10,000 hours of free flipping. Physical activity is at an all time low, with only one in ten children aged 10 to 11 getting the recommended level of daily exercise.

Flip Out general manager George Gallacher said: “We’re committed to helping get kids across Glasgow active.”

“We know it can be challenging to keep children engaged in regular physical activity, so by offering schools free access to the arena we hope it will not only add some extra excitement and fun to PE lessons, but also inspire kids to exercise more often.”

Trampolining is a phenomenal for cardiovascular exercise, while improving balance, coordination and motor skills while being easy on the joints.